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Police ID Area From Where Tampered Candy Originated

Foreign objects inserted into at least two treats, police say



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    396693 02: Ray Orozco inspects candy October 31, 2001 picked up by his children and other trick or treaters Halloween night in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

    Schaumburg police are investigating reports that someone tampered with Halloween candy given to children Sunday night.

    Police received two reports that candy given to children Halloween night had foreign objects inserted in it, according to an alert issued by Schaumburg police. The children got the candy while trick-or-treating in residential areas of the northwest suburb.

    "Sadly, there are folks that may do something like this in any community," said Sgt. John Nebel.

    Both discoveries were from candy collected in a residential area bordered by four streets:  West Weathersfield Way, South Springinsguth Road, South Braintree Drive and West Wise Road.

    "That's the general area both reports came from," said Nebl.

    No one was injured, but police are cautioning parents to inspect any candy before allowing children to eat it, and throw out open or damaged candy, according to the alert.

    Despite all the anxiety over Halloween poisoning, actual incidents of injuries to trick-or-treaters is rare, according to urban myth catalogue Snopes.com.

    Any Schaumburg residents who find suspicious or tampered candy given to their children should contact police at (847) 882-3586.