Newborn Baby Girl Dropped Off at Far South Side Firehouse

A new-born baby girl was dropped off at a fire station on Chicago’s Far South Side, officials confirmed.

An official for the Chicago Fire Department said the child appeared to be healthy when it was dropped off at the fire house in the East Side neighborhood near 106th Street and Ewing Avenue.

Officials said the child was given up under Illinois’ Safe Haven Law.

“If you are pregnant and unable to keep your baby after it’s born, you may legally hand your unharmed baby, up to 30 days old, to a staff member at a hospital, fire or police station, or emergency care facility,” an Illinois Department of Children and Family Services poster reads. “Your baby will be given medical care and be adopted by a loving family.”

You are not required to give your name or any other information during the process.

For more information on the Safe Haven Law call 1-888-510-2229.

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