Round Lake Woman Creates Clever Facebook Ad to Get Husband Off the Couch

Starr Sekulich Fields

With the pandemic, many people have understandably been at home a whole lot more than before.

But one north suburban Round Lake woman decided her husband was staying home too much and really spending a whole lot of time on the couch. So, she came up with a creative way to get him out of the house for a bit.

Just before a recent snowstorm, Starr Sekulich-Fields posted a clever ad in several neighborhood Facebook groups entitled "A man and his shovel," accompanied with a photo of her husband, Mark Shields, and their dog, Thomas.

"My adult - child husband has been home for to long. He has decided to start up his 1983 snow shoveling business up again," the post read. "Feel free to text or call Mark... He does drive now."

According to the Chicago Tribune, Sekulich-Fields’ post generated more than one hundred replies from people who mostly found it amusing. As the story goes, Fields actually showed up at some homes - ready to do the job.

Fields told the Tribune that some people expected to see a kid with a shovel when they answered the door.

“One man said to me, ‘Hey, you’re my age,'" he stated.

Fields shoveled the snow - just as he planned to do - and only asked that people give him "what they thought was fair."

While Fields is focused on his shoveling business right now, he just might expand his offerings when summer comes around, at least according to his wife.

"Note: If this works out his 1980 lawn mowing business might need to be started up again too," her post continued.

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