Roskam's Health Care Vote Has Democrats Lining Up To Oppose Him

A Democrat contender is stepping up to the plate to try and unseat Congressman Peter Roskam in Illinois' 6th District.

The healthcare vote has Democrat Kelly Mazeski announcing she’s running for Congress in the west suburban district. To her it’s a personal mission “as a mother who has lost her medical insurance twice, survived breast cancer, and have a daughter with a very serious medical condition, I think it’s time the voters in the Illinois 6th hold Peter Roskam accountable for making Americans pay more to get less in health care.”

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Congressman Peter Roskam is no stranger to tough election fights. It’s his health care vote that is one of the top issues for his Democratic opponents. Roskam voted yes to repeal and replace Obamacare saying in a printed statement “premiums are skyrocketing and insurance companies are dropping out across the country.”

Other names also surfacing as possible 6th District Democrats include Amanda Howland, Carole Cheney, Suzyn Price and Maura Sullivan. GOP strategist Chris Robling believes even though the 6th District voted in favor of Hillary Clinton in the November 2016 race, Roskam is safe. Robling says “going from a very senior member of the majority party to a freshman beanie wearing minority party member is a bad deal not just for the 6th congressional district it’s bad for the entire state of Illinois.”

Mazeski, who has served as a North Barrington Hills Village Trustee and on the Planning Board says she’s aware it may prove to be an expensive and difficult campaign against an incumbent, but she says “he may have a prestigious position on the Ways and Means Committee but he doesn’t in his district. He’s not meeting with the people he works for in his district. He’s hiding.”

NBC 5 has repeatedly asked Congressman Roskam for an in person interview, however he’s refused.

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