Road Rage Study Reveals Cities With “Rudest Drivers”

Chicagoans are no strangers to road rage but the city is apparently home to some of the rudest drivers in the nation, according to a new study.

Expedia on Tuesday released its annual 2015 Road Rage Report, which named Chicago among the top three cities with the rudest drivers.

The report asked more than 1,000 Americans to rank the behavior of other motorists in order of aggravation as well as which cities they felt had the most impolite drivers.

According to the report, 42 percent of Americans felt New York City had the rudest drivers, 32 percent chose Los Angeles and 18 percent said Chicago.

As for the most hated people on the road, 26 percent of those surveyed said “the texter” was the worst. Thirteen percent chose “the tailgater” and 12 percent said “the left-lane hog.”

But drivers aren’t the only ones being shamed for their in-car behavior.

Among some of the aggravating passenger behaviors were back-seat driving, being a reluctant co-pilot who won’t help navigate and hogging the radio. Other noted behaviors by passengers were snoozing, removing shoes and snacking.

Here is the complete list of “road rage etiquette violators,” according to the report:

1. The Texter (26%)
2. The Tailgater (13%)
3. The Left-Lane Hog (12%)
4. The Crawler (10%)
5. The Multitasker (7%)
6. The Drifter (7%)
7. The Inconsiderate (6%)
8. The Swerver (5%)
9. The Speeder (4%)
10. The Unappreciative (3%)
11. The Honker (2%)
12. The Red Light Racer (1%)

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