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Riot Fest Extends Fundraiser to Help Ukraine With New Goal of $100K

The festival’s initiative has amassed over $65,000 in donations and will run through Wednesday

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As support for Ukraine builds in Chicago with continued signs of solidarity, Riot Fest has joined in on fundraising efforts for the country.

Backed by its founder Mike Petryshyn, Chicago’s three-day summer music festival launched its emergency fundraiser March 11 along with two newly-designed shirts to be sold.

All proceeds from the merchandise sales will be split between Razom for Ukraine, an aid agency assisting those affected by the war, and Revived Soldiers Ukraine to support citizens and soldiers. 

The festival raised over $65,000 within a week and extended its fundraising event until Wednesday with an upped ante: a new goal of $100,000. To bolster the flow of funds, a new limited-edition enamel pin is also for sale now. 

“To those who have helped our efforts to support the people of Ukraine, we can’t thank you enough,” organizers said in a statement on the website. “It is beyond our expectations and means more than you.”

Petryshyn, who has Ukrainian roots, will match proceeds up to $15,000, according to the website. 

“Eighty years ago, Ukrainians like my grandparents left everything they knew and loved to escape Stalinism,” Petryshyn said in a statement. “It appears history may be repeating itself. With mortars exploding behind them, Ukrainians are beginning to flee their homeland as their sovereignty and independence begin to crumble.

“As the world watches innocent lives being lost, I humbly ask — as a proud Ukrainian-American — to not sit idly.”

The shirts are available for purchase here at $25. Options to make direct donations also are available. 

Several other local fundraisers have been taking place across the area, with a number of groups gathering supply donations and funds for Ukraine.

Door County Candle Company in Wisconsin also recently donated $125,000 to Razom for Ukraine, according to a Facebook post.

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