Rideshare Murder Victim's Family Demands Change

The victim's aunt wants an emergency button and mandatory passenger selfies.

The aunt of an Uber driver gunned down in May is calling on rideshare companies to implement more security features.

Joe Schelstraete, a father of three from Indiana, was shot and killed on May 31 in Cicero during a robbery.

Kim Bova says her nephew could have been saved if safety features, like a mandatory passenger selfie or emergency button, were available.

"Next weekend is Father’s Day. Joe’s children will not be celebrating, ever," said Bova. "There is blood on Uber’s hands."

For months, the Independent Drivers Guild has pushed for an emergency safety button that drivers could press in the Uber app, if needed.

The group, which represents rideshare drivers in Chicago, also wants Uber and Lyft to make it mandatory for passengers to have to upload a selfie when requesting a ride.

In March, Javier Ramos was gunned down and run over by his own car during a carjacking while driving for Lyft.

Following that incident, both Uber and Lyft implemented a new verification process that requires passengers using anonymous forms of payment (pre-paid cards, gift cards or Venmo) to upload a government issued photo ID.

On Friday, LegalRideShare attorney Bryant Greening announced a $10,000 donation of dash cams for drivers and a $40,000 fund for information that leads to the arrest of rideshare criminals.

"It helps ensure accountability," said Greening. "So much of this is the rideshare companies refusing to take accountability for rideshare driver safety; step up."

Lyft tells NBC 5 it's exploring additional rider verification methods.

Uber says it recently partnered with Cook County Crime Stoppers.

The Cicero Police Department says they arrested one person in Joe Schelstraete’s murder, but that person was later released. Police are still looking for three others.

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