Rideshare Workers Honor Slain Uber Driver With Funeral Procession

After Uber driver Grant Nelson was murdered earlier this week, fellow rideshare drivers honored his memory with a funeral procession on Friday afternoon. 

“This could have been any one of us,” Emma Fine, the rideshare contractor who organized the procession said. “It hits home, it hits our daily life, and our income. We needed some way to show our support.” 

According to authorities, 16-year old Eliza Wasni, a passenger in Nelson's car, used weapons allegedly stolen from a nearby Wal-Mart to fatally stab Nelson, who was pronounced dead at St. Francis Hospital Tuesday morning. 

After the tragedy, rideshare drivers were faced with a sobering reminder of what couild go wrong while they're on duty, and Fine was one of the drivers taking extra precautions in the wake of the slaying. 

Fine told NBC 5 that she recently installed a video camera in her car, and she hopes that it will be a deterrent against any type of violence. 

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