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Record-Breaking Cold Possible Before Weekend Warm-Up

Temperatures will plunge to near zero degrees overnight and into Thursday morning

The spring thaw is almost here, but before it arrives, temperatures will take one more plunge to potentially record-breaking numbers.

Tuesday's icy snow system has completely moved out, but bitter, breezy conditions remain in its wake. Wednesday's predicted high of 20 degrees likely won't break the record lowest high of 17 degrees set in 1890, according to the National Weather Service, but it is well below the average of 42 degrees.

Temperatures remain in the teens most of the day Wednesday, but wind chill values will be in the single digits.

Temperatures drop to near zero degrees overnight and into Thursday morning. The predicted high temperature at O'Hare Wednesday night is 3 degrees, barely more than the record lowest high of zero degrees.

Chicago will flirt with another record on Thursday with a predicted high of 14 degrees. The record lowest high temperature is 12 degrees, which was set in 1901.

A break from winter weather finally comes this weekend when temperatures reach average numbers. The warm-up begins Friday during the day with a high of 29 degrees.

Temperatures soar to the high 30s with breezy, dry conditions on Saturday and Sunday for the first taste of spring weather.

The warm-up continues into the week with a high of 42 on Monday and possibly 50 degrees on Tuesday.

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