Ravenswood Manor A ‘Circus' As Blagojevich Comes Home

Neighbors said they couldn't wait to have their parking spots back

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Some Chicagoams describe the return of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to his Ravenswood Manor home circus-like as attracted lights, cameras, helicopters, and visitors from all over the Chicago area.

“I agree that having a lot of news cameras around can be annoying, even if it’s not focused on you, but this is a big story,” resident Jeremy Holleb told NBC 5.

Wednesday was Blagojevich's first day of freedom after serving nearly eight years of a 14-year sentence.

“He did serve us, whether he did right or wrong,” student journalist Frenchi’e French said.

Jimmy Kahn of 'Sundae Stop' ice cream dropped off a gift basket after seeing Blagojevich on TV and hearing how one indulgence he was most looking forward to was savoring an ice cream sundae.

“I saw that he wanted some chocolate, some vanilla, some strawberry," Kahn said. "I got him some quarts of ice cream, some edible cookie dough, and a bunch of toppings to go with it."

During Blagojevich's homecoming press conference Wednesday morning, he spoke to a crowd for about 20 minutes—thanking President Donald Trump, the eye-opening impact remaining behind bars was and shaving.

“I never thought the sentence really fit the crime," neighbor Geff Dolce told NBC 5. "I thought it was overkill. It’s going to be tough to come back and have everything just all of sudden be back to normal.”

One thing neighbors in the area agreed on—they couldn't wait to have their parking spots back.

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