Rauner Sends Quinnocchio to Governor's Events

Does Illinois Governor Pat Quinn sometimes seem like a Disney character?

Bruce Rauner must think so. 

The GOP candidate for Governor has sent a character named Quinnocchio to Quinn's Thursday press conference at Linne Elementary School. 

Quinn is there to talk about his five-year education plan -- a major theme of his budget address earlier this week

Rauner sent Quinnocchio, an actor made up to look like the character Pinocchio, to mock Quinn about taxes -- another major theme of his budget address. Quinn announced a plan to make permanent what was originally proposed as a temporary, 67-percent income tax increase in 2011.

"If action is not taken to stabilize our revenue code, extreme and radical cuts will be imposed on education and critical public services," Quinn said. "Cuts that will starve our schools and result in mass teacher layoffs, larger class sizes and higher property taxes."

He said rolling back the increase would result in 13,000 teacher layoffs, as well as cuts to childcare,  care for residents with mental illness and layoffs of in-home caretakers and nursing home inspectors.

Rauner's camp says the request to maintain the income tax hike equates to a broken promise and a lie by the governor. Pinocchio had a problem with telling lies. His nose would grow each time he fibbed.
Earlier this month, Quinn tried to compare Rauner to a fictional character when he briefly floated a digital advertisement that included a comparison to The Simpson's rich guy Mr. Burns. That ad was removed for copyright reasons.  
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