Rauner Mocks Quinn Aide For ‘Passing Notes' During Non-Debate

The GOP governor candidate knocks the incumbent Democrat for relying on staff advice during the rivals' on-air showdown

Now that the gloves are off, Bruce Rauner is going after Gov. Pat Quinn's re-election team.

The Republican governor candidate's campaign pushed out a video Tuesday showing the incumbent Democrat laughing off Rauner's critique that his staff—namely, Quinn spokeswoman Brooke Anderson—had passed him notes during the rivals' live-streamed pseudo-debate at the Chicago Tribune.

"I don't know about that," a sheepish Quinn told reporters.

The clip cuts to Anderson slipping the governor a note. At one point during the testy showdown, she whispered something into Quinn's ear. Rauner's video people were all over that, too. (According to Capitol Fax, she advised her boss to "sit up straight" because he tends to slouch.)

What do you think, Ward Room readers: Did Anderson's intervention inadvertently make Quinn look weak or are the Rauner attacks much ado about nothing?

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