Rampaging Pit Bull Attacks Kids On West Side

Police shot a pit bull on the West Side Wednesday night after the dog went on a rampage, attacking an adult and two children.

It happened at about 7 p.m. near Washington and Lotus.

Daisy Carranza said her 11-year-old son, Cirpriana, was taking out the garbage when he was forced to the ground and viciously attacked by a neighbor's dog.

"I can't stop replaying it in my mind, over and over and over. Just hearing him scream," Carranza said. "I ran and I was screaming to put his hands up, to put his hands in front of his face. And when I get there, the dog's on his face, just attacking him."

Desperate to stop the attack, Daisy grabbed the dog's jaw and pried it open.

"He was bleeding everywhere. His mouth is split, his nose is split, his entire body is cut, his arms are all ripped," Carranzo said.

The dog broke free and ran away, jumping on 12-year-old Latara Scott (pictured, right), who was walking with her family.

"He just went completely berserk. I'm talking about like out of a movie or something," Scott's mother, Willie Mae Jackson, said. "She has a hole up underneath of her chin, a cut beneath her lip ... a hole in the back side of her neck."

The dog then jumped on a woman who was trying to help. Police soon arrived and it took multiple shots from an officer to take down the dog.

Latara was still hospitalized Thursday night.

The owner was cited for the attack itself, for not having a dog license and for the dog not receiving a rabies vaccination.

But Jackson is upset that her neighbor hasn't even bothered to apologize.

"He don't have the decency to come and say I'm sorry I'm happened to your children," Jackson said.

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