Few Answers on Rahm's Mystery Ad

The good news for folks who are sick of seeing it is that the oddly-construed advertisement that features Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel summarizing the benefits of the teachers' contract will stop airing soon.

That's one of the few things that's clear about the ad nauseum political-campaign-style commercial.

After repeated attempts to reach Education Reform Now, the group that sponsored the ad, Rebecca Huffmann said Tuesday is the last day it would air.  

Education Reform Now is known for taking an anti-union stand in national and local issues. That group asked Emanuel to appear in the video, he said. They also purchased a lot of air time, which is why so many people are irritated by the advertisement that appears to gloat about the end of the strike.

"It was a very aggressive schedule," Huffman said. 

How much it cost to run the oft-recurring spot was an off-limits topic. 

"I don’t talk about finances,' Huffman said.   

When asked who the students and teachers featured in the were mayor’s advertisement were, and more specifically if they were truly Chicago teachers and students or paid actors Huffman said she had no idea.  

AKPD, the public relations firm started by Barack Obama campaign guru David Axelrod, produced the ad but their point person John Kupper has not responded to repeated questions by phone and email about the ad.

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