RacoWireless Helps Advance Connected Car Technology

Company strives to efficiently use technology to create a more connected world

The sponsor of Connected World at this year'sChicago Auto Show, RacoWireless, has come along way since its inception. 

RacoWireless allows Machine to Machine (M2M) data delivery to happen with ease. Through a cloud-based program called Omega Management Suite, the partners working with RacoWireless can connect when and how they need in any given situation. 

A company uses their logo and RacoWireless manages the back end. RacoWireless does this for over 1,000 companies in 68 countries across the world. They look at the challenges companies face during their growing stages, nd try to provide a solution. 

John Horn, president of RacoWireless, began working with T-Mobile, managing all ITS M2M business. 

"When we got into the business it took a new business six to 12 months to onboard a new company. We got it down to a few weeks. We changed the model and a majority of my team left and joined RacoWireless," Horn said. 

When someone has an idea for a business RacoWireless can get them into business in a matter of days.

RacoWireless segmented off of Raco Industries and launched 12 years ago. When the company started, it focused on selling Blackberries and solutions on Blackberries.  

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