R. Kelly

Local Radio Station Bans R. Kelly Music Amid Controversy

Amid new controversies surrounding singer R. Kelly, one local radio station owner is saying “no more.”

Lamont Watts, CEO of the local radio station 95.1 “Clubsteppin,” says that his station will no longer hear the singer’s music amid new allegations of wrongdoing.

“Once we heard an outcry from all the women at our station, we decided to take a stand on it,” he said.

That decision to pull the singer’s music has been met with support from some, but Watts says that others have not been so quick to embrace it.

“We’ve had some people pull ads based on our decision, but we still stand for it,” he said.

The station says that R. Kelly’s music made up around one-fifth of their collection.

It was an eventful day for the singer, who is dealing with new accusations of sexual misconduct after a Lifetime documentary series aired this week.

Chicago police searched R. Kelly’s apartment Friday after receiving a tip that two women were being held there against their will, but the investigation turned up no wrongdoing, and police deemed it “unfounded.”

The singer will also reportedly no longer be hosting the Spring Break Jam concert at the state fairgrounds later this year, with the state citing “security” issues to the Chicago Tribune.

R. Kelly’s representatives and lawyers have denied all accusations of wrongdoing.

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