Quinn Still Ready To Talk State Police in Chicago

Gov. Pat Quinn remains ready to talk about Illinois State Police reinforcement in Chicago after 13 people were injured in a mass shooting last week in a city park. That is, if Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Supt. Garry McCarthy want it.

And apparently they don't.

When asked Monday, McCarthy said combating Chicago violence is not an issue of resources. Indeed police announced charges Tuesday of four men, including two shooters, in last Thursday's shooting at Cornell Square Park.

The top cop also nixed the idea Quinn reportedly floated over the weekend of getting help from the National Guard in the city's most dangerous neighborhoods.

"The National Guard is not a policing force, they are a military force," McCarthy said after a police graduation. "By the way, might I remind you of where we are in comparison to where we were last year and in 2011 and compared to the 90s. Let's stop the hysteria."

Quinn acknowledged Saturday that if state police were brought in to help with the city’s violence, it would need to be with the full cooperation of Chicago Police.

“If they want to speak to me about that I’m certainly always willing and able to sit down,” he said.

A source familiar with the situation said Quinn has not spoken to them since he made the public officer.

As for the National Guard, it's "not something we are considering," Quinn's assistant press secretary said.

"The Governor stands ready for discussions with the mayor and local law enforcement about the possibility of providing additional Illinois State Police reinforcements to help stop the violence," Katie Hickey said.

For now, it doesn't appear up for discussion in Chicago.

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