Pritzker Staffer Speaks Out on Quitting Campaign Role Following Scandal

"I knew I would disappoint my community more had I stayed," Collins said

A former JB Pritzker staffer speaks out on why she quit the campaign after the wiretapped phone calls with Rod Blagojevich became public.

Kina Collins stepped down from her role as Pritker’s field organizer after a scandal broke out last week regarding tapes that surfaced of Pritzker making controversial comments about African-American leaders.

The call included a discussion on African-American candidates to replace Barack Obama in the Senate.

"I knew I would disappoint my community more had I stayed," Collins said.

“As great as apologies are, I don't necessarily think we have to elect you into the highest position in Illinois," she said.

Collins was a paid Pritzker field organizer who made approximately $3,000 a month.

“We have student loans, we have rent, Chicago is not a cheap city to live in,” Collins said. “All of those things were definitely running in my mind, as I was getting ready to make that decision."

The fight for the African-American vote is crucial in the March primary.

This past weekend, JB Pritzker, Chris Kennedy and Daniel Biss attended church services across the state to offer their appeals.

Collins however, said she has yet to decide who she will support in the governor's race.

“I’m looking for a leader who will not just make public statements but will defend the people against that kind of action and behavior behind closed doors when no one’s looking," she said.

Collins said she has no plans to give up on politics and has been hired by Sameena Mustafa, a democratic candidate running for Congress in the 5th Congressional District opposing Mike Quigley.

"We are in a moment where it's not just to say we want women and women of color to show up at the polls,” Mustafa said. “We need to hire them, we need to elect them, that's where we're at, it is that ‘times up’ moment about parity."

A new poll suggests a close democratic race in Cook County, demonstrating Pritzker with 31 percent, Kennedy at 25, Biss at 22 and undecided at 22 percent.

The Pritzker campaign said they respect Kina Collins’ feelings on her decision to quit and are sad to see her go.

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