‘I Really Need My Car': Pregnant Woman Dragged While Clinging to Chevy During Theft, Video Shows

Selena Gonzalez says she had just stopped a Hammond gas station Thursday to pick up a cup of crushed ice for her daughter when two young men made off with her car--the whole thing happened in second--and captured on surveillance video.

"When I was at the register I had noticed two boys who said, 'come on, lets go,'" Gonzalez recalled. "They had opened my doors and ran in."

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Gonzalez, who is pregnant and less than two weeks from her due date, says she left her keys in the car and never expected anyone would take it.

"I tried to reach for the keys and they drove off and I was hanging out the window," she said. "I got dragged. I am pretty beat up. But I am just glad my daughters weren’t with me."

Gonzalez suffered injuries to her knees and hands.

"I had asked them if this was dried blood and they told me it was my skin that got the top two layers scraped off, so this is actually flesh, not blood," she explained of her injuries.

The theft could not come at a worse time for the 23-year-old single mother of two.

She had just started a new job in Chicago and depended on the silver Chevy Cobalt to get to and from work.

"I ran after them and tried to reach for my keys and the only reason I tried to reach for my keys was because without my car, I cant work," she told NBC 5. "Without my keys ... without working, I cant feed myself--and I have two daughters--soon to be three."

"I am a single mom, so I really need my car. Its very important," she added.

Selena says she holds no ill will against the men who took her car--all she wants is to get it back.

"They looked young--under 18. Kids do stupid things. I was once there," she said. "I did stupid things as a kid. But, you know, its my vehicle."

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