Possible Sighting of Mountain Lion in Suburbs

The Lake Forest Police Department has received several reports from residents of a 'large' cat in the are of Rt. 60 and I94.

A large cat could be on the prowl in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Resident's have reported seeing something like a cougar stalking their neighborhood, according to police.

The sightings have been in the Western part of Lake Forest near the area of Rt. 60 and I94, according to the Lake Forest Police Department.

The first sighting was reported on Oct. 7 when a large cat was seen in a heavily wooded area. Authorities said there was another sighting Oct. 13 when a man heard his dog barking loudly and pacing up and down, growling in the backyard.

Jane Stickney told the LakeForester Sun-Times that she was walking her dog when she saw something big slink out of the grass last Thursday night.

"I could see it had a kitty head, with kitty ears and a long tail and it moved like a cat," Stickney told the Times.

There have been no confirmed sightings in the area. According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, physical evidence must be present to confirm a sighting, such as a paw print, hair sample, scat sample or photo of the animal.

Mountain lions generally avoid populated areas, and according to the news release, they may be here looking for food. There are no sustained populations of mountain lions living in Illinois, said authorities.

The animals are afraid of dogs, bright lights, flashing white lights and music, said the police department.

Residents are encouraged to report sightings of suspicious animals immediately.

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