Police Warn of Multiple Credit Card Fraud Cases in Southwest Suburb

Credit card thieves are targeting one suburb, and police and victims alike are warning the public to be on high alert.

Nancy Hipps, of Minooka, suffered one of several credit and debit card fraud cases in the southwest suburb that Minooka Police are aware of.

"I got an email this morning from Chase credit card that said, 'Did you make these four purchases?' The first three I did, the fourth one I did not," Hipps told NBC 5. "It was for $105.95 at Meijer in Elgin."

She said she's just one of many victims, and police confirmed they are investigating a string of similar cases.

"We've had 10 now within the last nine days," said Minooka Police Chief Justin Meyer.

The credit card numbers have been used as far as Chicago, Elgin and Elk Grove.

Hipps said she filed a police report and got her card reissued since the hack, but she's warning others to take extra precautions that she did not.

"I had another friend tell me, 'Do not use your card outside, go inside to the place.' And what did I do? I used it outside because I was in hurry to get home," Hipps said, telling NBC 5 she believes that her card was compromised with a skimming device at a local BP gas station.

"We've gone to our local gas stations to open up gas pumps to look for internal skimming," Meyer said, adding that authorities are reaching out to third-party vendors to see if there's a common denominator.

Police are also looking at surveillance video and checking the local Wendy's, McDonald's, and Casey's General Store to see if there's a particular place where the criminals have gotten their information.

"Whether it's through the gas pumps at local gas stations through the skimming devices, or a worker at a fast food restaurant using a skimming device when they're taking their credit card," Meyer added, urging victims to report incidents to police right away, so they can further investigate these allegations and stop whoever is responsible.

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