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Exclusive: Is Vallas' Mayoral Campaign Actually Based in Chicago?

Vallas' campaign headquarters is listed in Chicago, but tenants of the building don't know of any campaign office there

Even with the Chicago mayoral election still eight months away, it seems that any issue is fair game in the battle to get the top political spot in the city.

Questions have emerged this week about the real location of candidate Paul Vallas’ campaign office.

According to campaign literature, the candidate’s campaign is based in a Chinatown office building, but according to tenants, no one knows about any campaign being waged from inside.

Instead, the building is a listed address for Vallas’ brother Dean’s casino shuttle business. He also has a shuttle business located in Crestwood, and a campaign flyer for Paul Vallas’ mayoral committee lists that business as a return address.

The Vallas campaign says that no campaign activities are being performed at either of the candidate's brother's businesses. 

"Other than use as a mailing address, no campaign activities - e.g. meetings, etc - are taking place at either of Dean Vallas' offices," the campaign said in a statement. 

In addition to questions about the location of the campaign’s headquarters, the campaign’s main bank account is housed at Busey Bank in suburban Plainfield.

“At this time, the Vallas campaign is a grassroots effort that is running a lean operation,” the campaign said. “We do not have access to countless millions of dollars from city vendors like the Emanuel campaign.”

The Vallas campaign plans to open a different Chicago campaign office soon, and also says that the Plainfield bank is a temporary situation. 

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