Patrick Swayze Avoids Quarantine

Corn starch causes scare during 'The Beast' taping

Did you hear the one about  Patrick Swayze, the Comcast employee with some corn starch in Berwyn? It's no joke. 

On Tuesday afternoon, a Comcast employee walked into the Berwyn Police Department with a box leaking white powder.  Understandably concerned, he wanted to report the suspicious package to the police.

Authorities found that the substance was not cocaine, leading them to worry that it could be anthrax.

Two sergeants, a detective, a radio operator, and the Comcast worker were all placed under quarantine immediately.

Actor Patrick Swayze, best known for his role in Dirty Dancing, was also in the station house, filming for his new A&E series "The Beast". He did not come into contact with the powder. He, however, was not quarantined.

You know how the story ends. Corn starch. We can't make this stuff up>

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