Logan Square

Parents Hope Frightening Videos of Bad Drivers Near School Inspire City to Act

Parents of children who attend Goethe Elementary School say that a construction project has led to unsafe conditions for kids as traffic goes by at a high rate of speed, and they are hoping to use powerful footage they’ve obtained to help fix the problem.

“It’s just a matter of time. The way people drive has gotten ridiculous,” parent Rick Cruz said.

The school, located near the intersection of Talman and Medill, has seen traffic increase due to construction on nearby Fullerton. Parents have filmed drivers ignoring stop signs, speeding, and even flashing obscene gestures at crossing guards that are trying to get them to slow down.

“From what I recorded, seven of the 11 cars went through the stop sign,” Cruz said.

The neighbors on the opposite side of the school say that film crews that are shooting a drama in the neighborhood are only making things worse.

“It’s just car after car after car,” Logan Square resident Michelle Taufmann said. “I’m worried that kids are going to get hurt.”

Now, neighbors are asking the city for help, requesting cones and barricades near the school. Residents have also asked for traffic to be rerouted, more crossing guards added, or anything else that could potentially help protect children, but none of the proposals have been adopted by city officials.

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