‘Device Resembling Camera' Found in Chicago School's Bathroom

Just days into the school year, police are investigating after a staff member found a “plastic device resembling a camera” in the third floor staff bathroom of a Chicago Public School, the district said in an email to parents.

Neither the district nor the police would say whether the device, found Wednesday morning at Ogden International School in the city’s Gold Coast neighborhood, is a functioning camera.

“This device is not designed to send information, so we are confident that no images were transmitted by the device,” Principal Michael Beyer said in the email to parents.

Parents say they trust the school to keep their kids safe but are now looking for answers.

“I mean it’s pretty scary because you don’t know if it’s only in there or elsewehre,” said Michelle Osaka an Ogden parent.

Some parents say they’re just relieved the device was found.

“It means they’re doing their job, so that’s great,” said Cecile Pochet, another Ogden parent. “They’re reactie, so that’s good. Means they’re doing their job the right way.”

While others say there’s still more that needs to be done.

“It was very vague and it wasn’t descriptive,” Osaka said of the principal’s email to parents. “I mean they said they called the police, but it wasn’t as detailed as I would expect from a school.”

School officials say they are working with police as they conduct an investigation.

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