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Off-Duty Officer Shoots Neighbor's Dog

Killed the pooch, then handed the owners a ticket



    Off-Duty Officer Shoots Neighbor's Dog
    Laura Bravo

    Bad dog -- and worse cops.

    An off-duty Chicago cop fatally shot her neighbor's German shepherd after the dog escaped from its yard and chased the officer's own hound.

    The offending pooch died and responding police handed the neighbor a ticket for failing to have a city dog license.

    "Like killing my dog wasn't enough?" said Laura Bravo, the owner, to the Sun-Times. "I didn't know I had to renew [the license] every year."

    Adding further insult to injury -- turns out the neighboring officer didn't have a city license for her dog, either.  She's been cited.

    The shooting happened as Bravo's three children -- 14, 12 and 11 -- were heading to school. They let their dog, Malachi, out into the backyard, heard gunfire, and then saw the dog bleeding on the sidewalk.

    Police say they are investigating. Bravo says she would like the officer who shot her dog to be suspended.

    The tickets carry a fine of up to $500.  The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating the shooting.

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