Occupy Chicago, Unions Join Forces

Anti-wall street protestors rally outside Federal Plaza

Chicago anti-Wall Street protesters marched with labor unions Monday in a joint effort to demand jobs for the masses.

Occupy Chicago joined forces with several unions participating in one of five Take Back Chicago marches scheduled for Monday afternoon. The various marches eventually joined forces at the Art Insitute Chicago to continue their demands for a solution to the unemployment crisis.

Recent DePaul grad Alex Cole was leading the chant of "banks got bailed out, we got sold out."

"The past two days have been huge and tonight we're hoping for a major turning point when we join up with the unions," Cole, 22, said. "They say they're bringing 7000 people. We've been growing significantly the last two days and we're starting to gain some real momentum."

One person was arrested and faces possible felony charges for punching an officer. Several were cited for not getting out of the way when instructed.

The protests are focused on housing, education and job creation.

"This is absolutely the most people I've seen out here," 30-year-old Mike Drabak said, who's been protesting for the past week and a half. "I think union support has definitely been the turning point."

Occupy Chicago and the Chicago Federation of Labor leaders say they also want to get the attention of the Mortgage Banker’s Association Annual Convention and Expo and the Futures and Options Expo, both taking place in Chicago this week.

Boaters dressed in Robin Hood costumes protested on the Chicago River near the Hyatt Hotel, where the mortgage bankers convention is being held.

"When we join our voices with organized labor on Monday, believe me, they’ll hear my demands," Occupy Chicago's Tom Hawk said in a news release.

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