Obama on Desiree Rogers: “It Was a Screw Up”

During 60 Minutes interview, says he's "unhappy with everyone involved"

Desiree Rogers1
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President Obama affirmed he was "seriously angry" about the Crashergate "screw up" during a 60 Minutes interview Sunday, but he stopped short of singling out social secretary Desiree Rogers.

"I was unhappy with everybody who was involved in the process," Obama said when asked about Rogers. "And so, it was a screw up."

Some have criticized Rogers for not posting a White House official at a integral Secret Service checkpoint, and reporters have fueled speculation that she was enjoying the dinner rather than managing it.

Despite Rogers' prominent role, the White House turned down requests for her to testify about the security lapse, citing separation of powers.

Earlier, Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett said the White House security policy had "room for improvement."

During the 60 Minutes interview, Obama took a shot at media coverage of the event.

"I don't think from a policy perspective this was the most important thing or even the fifth or sixth most important thing that happened this week, although it got the most news."

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