‘No One Was Helping': Victim Of Deadly Dog Attack Speaks Out With New Details

The 31-year-old is filing a lawsuit against the owner of the attacking dogs

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One of two victims of a vicious dog attack in Palatine spoke out after obtaining an attorney.

Amanda Ingram, 31, said she was walking her West Highland Terrier last Monday when two larger dogs escaped from their dog walker, charging at her and her dog, Casper.

The Palatine Police Department says it happened near West Washington and South Greeley Streets on the evening of May 24.

“[I] picked him up and shielded him against the car, knowing that he was about to attack, and then another dog came,” said Ingram. “They were playing tug of war with him and at that point, I couldn’t stand anymore. So, I was on the ground.”

Ingram broke two of her fingers and suffered cuts all over her body. Her dog, Casper, was killed.

“I was screaming out loud and no one was helping,” said Ingram. “I’m staying with family right now because I don’t want to stay over there. I can see exactly where it happened from where I live.”

Police say the two dogs also attacked a nearby dog walker and his dog. Both were injured but survived.

Mike Schostok of Salvi Schostok & Pritchard is representing Ingram in a lawsuit. Details on the lawsuit weren’t available at the time of this story because of the early nature of the case, according to Schostok.

“They then went on to another victim; another innocent dog walker and his dog,” Schostok said. “That’s the most unique thing about this.”

Schostok added that this was one of the most severe dog attack cases he’s been involved in.

Palatine police arrested the person who was walking the attacking dogs, charging her with reckless conduct. She’s expected to be in court next month.

The owner of the dogs, who was cited for more than a dozen “ordinance violations” will also face a judge on June 3.

NBC 5 wasn't able to locate these two individuals for comment by the time of this story airing.

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