Happy New Law Year

By state mandate, September is now Brain Aneurysm Month.

The Illinois legislature is wishing state residents a Happy New Year by enacting 300+ new laws in 2010.

Friday rings in a bevy of new statutes on the books, and some of them affect millions of people.

To make life easier, we've sorted through the list and plucked the laws that will have the most impact on you:

--  Bowling alleys are now protected from civil suits if they post signage warning about the dangers of wearing bowling shoes outdoors.

--  Elementary and High Schools are now required to study Mexican-American History.

--  The department of transportation can post signs that prohibit truckers from using loud brakes known as “jake brakes.”

--  “How’s my driving” stickers, complete with area code and phone numbers, will be required for school buses.

--  September becomes Brain Aneurysm Month.

--  17-year-olds will be tried in juvenile court for misdemeanors.

--  Toy makers must place intricate warning labels for children’s toys that contain between 40 and 300 parts per million of lead.
--  Sending, receiving or reading electronic transmissions on your cell phone while driving is illegal.

--  Sex offenders are barred from accessing social networking sites while on parole, probation, court supervision or supervised release.

--  Sex offenders are also prohibited from using computer software to delete info from a computer they’ve used.

--   All flags flown outside of government buildings must have been made in the USA.

--   Retailers that sell alcoholic beverages must post a sign advising customers: "If you need assistance for substance abuse, please call the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse at 1-800-43-6154."

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