New Jell-O Machine for Adults Only

Kraft this week launched a tasty, free sampling station for adults only.
The vending machine, debuted Wednesday in Chicago, dispenses Jell-O desserts activated by facial age detection technology that will only give free dessert samples to adults.

Here's how the technology works: A camera on top of the machine scans a customer's face within a 25-foot radius of the machine. If the machine detects an adult, the machine will produce a free sample.

If a child is detected in the area, the machine shuts down, asks the child to step away and only returns to life once the child is removed.

People's images are not saved, according to a Kraft statement. The machine uses them to compare and analyze the person's facial features in the image to determine their age range.

The iSample Temptations by Jell-O machines will be displayed at the Shedd Aquarium from Dec. 14-Jan. 19. Sample flavors include key lime pie, lemon merengue pie, raspberry cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, double chocolate pie and French silk pie.

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