NBC’s “Smash” Screened in Chicago

Show premieres February 6

A new show NBC is hoping turns into a small-screen hit was screened in Chicago Monday.

"Smash" will be added to the prime-time schedule on February 6th, but members of Chicago's theatre community got a sneak peek at the show at a red-carpet screening on Monday at a South Loop theatre.

The show is a scripted behind-the-scenes look at the making of a Broadway musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. It centers on the lives and relationships of the people collaborating on the production.

"It's just every day people doing what they do specifically, so it's a great combination of follow your dream and every day kind of attempt to do what you love to do," actor Brian Dacy James told NBC 5.

James is the husband of actress Debrah Messing on the show. The two are in the process of adopting a child but she's torn because of the prospect of writing a hit

"She has to figure out how to balance the wild success that she's achieved as a lyricist in the Broadway world with her responsibilities and inclinations as a parent and a wife,"

The show also stars Angelica Huston and American Idol's Kathrine McPhee.

The show is the creation of Steven Spielberg.

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