Naperville Walmart Greeter With Cerebral Palsy Worries About Job Security After Company Announces Phasing Out of Position

Walmart says it is striving to place greeters in other jobs at the company, but workers with disabilities are worried

The greeter position at Walmart is being phased out and one Naperville man who has worked at one of the big-box stores for 19 years says he could lose his job completely.

Craig Goodwin has been going to physical therapy at Easter Seals in Villa Park since he was 8 months old. Cerebral palsy has not stopped the now 39-year-old.

He works full-time at Walmart in Naperville.

"Walmart is my home," he said. "I've been there for 20 years."

Sharon Goodwin is Craig’s mother.

"He rides the bus to and from work, very independent, lives in his own apartment with an attendant and just kind of lives for his job and the people he meets there," she said.

Craig Goodwin's face was even featured on Walmart trucks nationwide.

That’s why he was heartbroken to learn Walmart is phasing out the greeter position at more than 1,000 stores.

“Walmart has truly been wonderful to Craig for 19 years so this just came as a shock,” Sharon Goodwin said.

Craig says he was told he had until April 26 to decide if he wanted to transition to the role of fitting room attendant.

"Ninety percent of the job involves folding clothes, restocking clothes, going up on a ladder to put things away," his mother said.

“Well, its perfectly evident if you’re in a wheelchair, you cannot climb a ladder,” Craig said.

Responding to backlash from disabled greeters nationwide, a Walmart spokesperson told the Associated Press they are extending the deadline for greeters with disabilities to give the company more time to explore other accommodations.

"Walmart you’ll always be in my heart," Craig said. "And I’ll do anything to keep my job."

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