Nab a New Years Eve Gig for Your Band

mark ronson

That band you started in high school is soooo talented. Thirty-five people showed to the last gig, and you were paid in drink tickets.

Sure, it beat the heck out of playing for your drummer’s folks in a suburban garage, but it’s still weak, dude.

Why not get your self a real gig?  Like opening up for uber-DJ Mark Ronson for a New Years Eve bash at the River East Arts Center.

Here’s the deal: Becks Beer is sponsoring the gig -- and they’re looking for local talent to round out the roster of acts. And in true Internet marketing fashion they’re running an online contest to pick the best.

Go ahead, submit a track from your latest jam session along with a pic of your ugly mugs and see if you make it to the final six.

If you’re good enough to make it through the early whittling your band will have to duke it out Bill and Ted style at an early December battle of the bands. The winner gets the Becks Music Export New Years Eve show.


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