2 Injured When Fireworks Display Prematurely Detonates in Southwest Suburban Bridgeview

The display planned for Sunday evening has been canceled, according to the Bridgeview Park District

Two people were injured when a fireworks display prematurely detonated in southwest suburban Bridgeview Sunday afternoon, according to police.

The incident occurred at a Park District facility in the 8100 block of Beloit Ave around 12:30 p.m. Sunday, according to the Bridgeview Police Department and the Cook County Sheriff's Office.

Authorities said a fireworks company was setting up for the display planned for Sunday evening when several of the fireworks prematurely detonated, injuring two of the five workers.

One of the workers was severely wounded, suffering second and third degree burns, according to the Bridgeview Fire Department. Both were taken to area hospitals for treatment. 

"There was like a big explosion, almost like an earthquake," said Bridgeview resident Sylvia Rabianski. "My house started shaking, so we came outside. I knew they were supposed to have a fireworks show over here; I thought maybe they were testing it.”

"At first we thought it was a gas leak," said Bridgeview resident Katarzyna Kalata. "I was inside the house, and the house was shaking.”

The explosion also sparked both a vehicle fire and a brush fire, police confirmed.

The Cook County Bomb Squad responded to the scene, as officials worked into the evening to secure the area.

"We’ve got the bomb squad on the scene now getting ready to mitigate the rest of the ordinance that’s out here, and we are just waiting on couple of other federal agencies to to help us out.” said Bridgeview Fire Department Battalion Chief David Lis.

The fireworks display was canceled, according to the Bridgeview Park District's Facebook page. They plan to reschedule the show. 

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