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Morton Grove Family Honored by Mayor For Helping Neighbors During Winter Storm

The Ahmeds said they want to shake misconceptions about Muslims.

If ever there were a good story to warm you up on a cold wintry night, Sabeel Ahmed and his family are living it.

On the eve of the polar vortex, they went door to door in their Morton Grove neighborhood offering assistance to their neighbors.

"We’re all humans at the end of the day," Ahmed said.

They wrote a letter that said:

"We are your Muslim neighbors. The temperature will be very cold. We are here to help if you need to pick up groceries or medicine. Or shoveling of snow."

They emailed those they couldn’t reach on foot.

Alexander Slagg is one of those neighbors.

"I was really pleasantly surprised to see what was going on in my community," Slagg said.

Susan Engel lives in nearby Park Ridge. She’s elderly and disabled and asked for that assistance.

"We went as a family and dropped off groceries to her," Ahmed said.

Engel said the Ahmeds are "like saints."

"I needed help and they came to my aid," she said. "He’s like my knight in shining armor."

The village of Morton Grove awarded the family on Monday night by Mayor Dan Dimaria. The Ahmeds said they want to shake misconceptions about Muslims.

"Thank you for showing what Morton Grove really is about," Dimaria said.

Ahmed told NBC 5 that he hopes that if anything comes of this--it’s inspiration for others.

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