“Mob Wives” Plan to Hit in Chicago

VH1 refuses to give up the names of the new show's stars

Operation Mob Wives will blow its cover in Chicago. 
The hit reality TV show, “Mob Wives,” on VH1 will start filming a spin-off in the land of Capone and Calabrese within several weeks, according to Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown
The New York version starred four women with ties to mob during the series’ first season.
VH1 scouted Chicago stars during the summer. The network is refusing to give up the names of the women starring in the Windy City show, Brown reports.
The idea of mob wives, girlfriends or daughters breaking the code and going public is puzzling to the lawyers who represented Chicago mobsters.
“It’s inconceivable,” one attorney told Brown. “I just don’t think it would meet with approval here.”
We’ll find out this spring when the new show will hit the cable network.
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