Missing 84-Year-Old Woman From Markham Found Safe, Police Say

Olga Gutierrez has last been seen on Sunday with police asking for help with her disappearance

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The missing 84-year-old woman from Markham has been found safe after a four-day search, according to police.

Olga Gutierrez was dropped off at her Markham home on Sunday after spending the weekend with her daughter. Gutierrez was staying with her son, though he said he didn't notice she was missing until Monday.

The family reported her missing on Monday and the search continued to grow. The use of bloodhounds, detectives and drones were all used in an effort to find Gutierrez.

Though Gutierrez limps and was on foot, the police believe she could have covered much ground.

“We can’t take any chances we have to search virtually every bit of area and territory that we can because she is endangered she is elderly it’s been cold we have all the conditions to make sure we find her quickly,” Markham Police Chief Jack Genius said.

Gutierrez turned 84 years old on Wednesday, the family told NBC 5, noting that her disappearance was completely out of the ordinary.

“I cant accept it, she doesn’t - it’s just so out of character. My mother never liked to leave her house…she felt comfortable. She loved her house. She loved being in her house," Gill said.

Though she was reported found on Thursday, police did not provide additional details.

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