Michigan Dad Goes Viral for Routine With Daughters During Family's Holiday Lip Sync Battle

This Michigan dad won much more than bragging rights in his family’s holiday lip sync battle – he won the Internet.

Steve Haddad knew he and his family would be attending the annual Haddad family Christmas party, hosted by his cousin last month. He also knew the tradition of the family lip sync battle would be in full force and he and his daughters were taking on challenge.

“The family’s been doing it for a couple of years,” he said. “There’s been some interesting and dynamic performances in the past so the girls wanted to make sure that if we did something that we showed up strong and did something that would be memorable.”

Turns out, Haddad’s daughter knew just what to do.

“They kept nagging me for a couple of weeks of doing Beyonce and the biggest part obviously was getting into a leotard,” Haddad told NBC 5.

The hilarious routine featured all three dancers in leotard’s mimicking iconic moves from Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

The father-daughter trio spent two weeks prepping for the big reveal, which was all caught on camera by Haddad’s wife Tina.

Tina Haddad posted the footage to Facebook so family and friends could re-live the epic moment, and the Internet took notice.

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Since it was posted on Christmas Day, the footage has been seen more than 21 million times, garnering more than 248,000 shares.

“It started out she just wanted to post it so family could see it, her parents and things and friends, and it just took on a life of its own,” Haddad said. “More and more people started liking it and here we are 21 million views later. It’s crazy ridiculous.”

Haddad said he’s simply grateful he helped to create such a memorable moment with his daughters.

“It’s great to see that they’re enjoying it - maybe a little bit at the expense of me,” he said. “Going viral for them has been pretty exciting.”

And of course, the trio won the lip sync battle, which featured about six or seven other performances, Haddad said.

“We took home the trophy if there was one,” Haddad said.

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