New Coalition Fights Moves for Concealed Carry


An outspoken Chicago pastor is fighting to keep Illinois the only state in the nation that prohibits its citizens from carrying concealed weapons.

"Those that are concerned about pushing for concealed carry: read the papers, look at the facts, look at the blood, and wake up and care about life more than money," Fr. Michael Pfleger said at a Monday press conference at the Chicago Temple.

Pfleger and members of the "Stop Concealed Carry Coalition" urged community leaders and lawmakers to fight the gun lobby and shoot down legislation that would allow concealed carry permits in the Land of Lincoln.

Coalition members say they're concerned that lame duck lawmakers could pass legislation before Illinois' new General Assembly is seated in January.

Officials from 10 rural counties earlier this month passed non-binding measures calling on lawmakers to allow concealed carry. Gov. Pat Quinn has vowed to veto any legislation that allows citizens to carry guns.

Wisconsin last year became the 49th state allowing concealed carry.

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