McDonald's Launching In-Store TV Channel

More than 11,000 U.S. stores to get new entertainment network

For those who crave news, entertainment and advertising while chomping on a burger will be lovin' the news coming out McDonald's headquarters.

The Oak Brook-based fast food chain announced Monday it will provide more than 11,000 of its United States stores with a new digital television channel -- The McDonald's Channel.

It's an "entertainment network based on purpose built programming focused on what a McDonald's customer is most passionate about...Sports, lifestyle, entertainment, and music," according to a statement on the official McDonald's channel website

McDonald's plans to use the channel to provide a "family-friendly" atmosphere when dining-in. Programs lined up include children's music videos, travel channel programs, movies such as Where the Wild Things Are and television shows like Merlin.

The chain has also developed its own original programming like McDonald's sports news, specials on extraordinary high school athletes.

The restaurant promises to keep content localized with news updates and stories about local individuals.

The channel is high definition and they expect more than 26 million captive American diners per month to access the channel. 

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