McDonald's McRib Making Return to Menus

The McRib is making its fall McComeback. 

The iconic sandwich adored by McDonald’s fans the country over will return to restaurant menus at the end of the month, the company announced Thursday.

The limited-menu item made of boneless pork and smothered in the restaurant’s signature McRib sauce last returned restaurants in November 2017. It made its first debut in 1981. 

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“The McRib is truly an iconic sandwich and has been a fan favorite since its debut on the McDonald’s menu 35 years ago,” McDonald’s Chef Chad Schafer said in a statement during the 2017 release. “Our customers are passionate, and it’s more than a sandwich. It’s a legend and has become an experience for so many to enjoy at McDonald’s.” 

Fans of the sandwich were urged to download the McDonald's Finder App, which will tell customers where the sandwich is being sold.

The McRib officially returns on Oct. 29, according to a tweet from the world's largest hamburger chain. 

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