Mayor Flattened By Pothole Hit

No one is spared the wrath of Chicago's asphalt

Imagine, if you will, the mayor sitting comfortably in the back of a cushy Lincoln Town Car, being driven down Pulaski Avenue, when -- wham! -- the driver hits an unavoidable pothole and two of the tires go flat.You can't make this stuff up! 

Mayor Daley recently had a run-in with one of the city's deadly potholes, blowing out two of his tires, the Sun-Times' Michael Sneed said in her column Thursday.  More specifically, it was two of the tires on the Lincoln Town Car he was in, while being taken to City Hall on Tuesday.

The irony goes even further -- the poppers happened shortly after Daley's news conference in which he apologized (sort of) for the behavior of convicted former Streets and Sanitation chief Al Sanchez -- the guy who would have been in charge of filling the craters across the city during his time on the job.

There's a bit of "what goes around, comes around" in that, it seems.

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