Massive Potholes Plague Suburban Street

Confusion over who’s responsible for filling potholes on a south suburban street has left the roadway riddled with damaging holes that residents say have become a serious safety hazard.

For the past two to three years, Linder Avenue in unincorporated Bremen Township, near Midlothian, has been plagued by growing potholes. The road, which is not maintained by any government body, has left residents unable to drive down their street.

“It’s almost like living on a cul-de-sac,” said resident Dennis Ziemann. “Everyone typically comes in from the north. I don’t drive that way.”

Residents say they have called numerous officials in an effort to get the road fixed, but have had no luck. With several elderly people living on the block, they’re now concerned it has become a safety issue. 

“If an ambulance had to come down here, it takes an extra 20 minutes,” said Sharon Barker. 

Officials with Bremen Township say the problem is Linder is an unclaimed road. 

“I have been with the township six years,” said James Grande with the Bremen Township Highway Department. “My understanding was it was not our road. So we are not doing anything here.” 

Still, Grande said he is talking with the Illinois Department of Transportation to determine how the township can take control of the roadway.

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