Marshall Shows Bears He’s Ready to Work

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Though most Bears fans were happy about Chicago's trade for Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Marshall, there was an air of cautiousness that hung over any celebration because hours after the signing news of an alleged assault broke.

Marshall is talented, but has had enough off-the-field problems to give any fan pause. However, a call he made to Bears receivers coach Darryl Drake should alleviate fears.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Drake received a call within 48 hours of Marshall's trade that made him quite happy.

"The first thing Brandon asked me was, 'Coach, can you study my film and tell me the reasons I got stopped?' '' Drake said Tuesday after Notre Dame's pro day. "As a player and as a person, I love him. I look forward to coaching him.'' 

Imagine that as a boss, your new superstar hire walks in the door and says, "Tell me everything I'm doing wrong so that I can do better." That's exactly what Marshall did.

He also has tweeted about his workouts with Major Wright while still in his off-season home of south Florida. 

He is the best receiver the Bears have had in years, but he knows he will have enormous pressure to perform from day one. No matter his off-the-field problems, Bears fans will not give Marshall a break. He's putting in the work now to make sure he won't need one.

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