Security Camera Captures Moment Man is Injured in Hit-and-Run While Mowing Lawn

Security video captured the shocking moment a vehicle hit a man mowing his lawn in West Chicago before fleeing the scene of the crash.

Guadalupe Ballines, 69, was hit by a minivan around 4:30 p.m. Friday in the 1000 block of Joliet Street.

The incident was captured on video from a neighbor’s security camera – showing the minivan driving away without stopping to help Ballines.

“It shows him lying on the ground for about three minutes before anybody stopped to help him,” said neighbor Lettecia Salinas. “I thought it was pretty sad.”

The footage shows Ballines appearing to be lifeless, but minutes later, he gets up on his own. Family members took him to the hospital, where doctors say he was treated for a few bruises.

“I didn’t know anything about me, nothing, nothing,” Ballines said in Spanish, with tears in his eyes. “I was laying over there. Threw me far. And my shoe landed over there.”

West Chicago police say investigators are reviewing the footage in hopes of tracking down the driver of the van involved in the hit-and-run.

“Now, we are able to follow up on this incident better than before because now we can see what this car was, potentially enhance the video, and try to locate the offenders,” said Commander Eric Shipman.

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