Man Accused Of Selling Wildlife To Chinatown Restaurants

Deer, turtles and raccoons distributed to Chicago eateries, investigation shows

A man has been accused of selling wildlife that wound up on the menu in some Chicago restaurants.

An investigation by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources revealed that Alexander Moy was buying deer, turtles and raccoons and selling them to marketplaces in Chicago. The Times of Northwest Indiana reported these markets would then distribute the products to restaurants around the city.

The primary target was Chinatown, The Times reported, but officials said restaurants in other sections of Chicago might have been affected.

Officials arrested Moy at his business in Hamlet, Ind., and confiscated equipment and various animal species.

The investigation is ongoing, according to The Times, and officials aren't sure which restaurants purchased the animals. They're also trying to determine whether or not Moy acted alone.

Moy informed officials that the turtles and raccoons were used mostly for soup, while the deer was mixed in with other meat.

Officials are holding Moy on two counts of buying and selling wildlife. They are Class D felonies.

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