Madina Lake Returns to Chicago Stage Saturday

Bassist Matthew Leone was in a coma after being beaten last year

When Matthew Leone was beaten to within an inch of his life last summer, some wondered whether he would make it.

But a little more than nine months later, Leone will join his twin brother and other band mates this Saturday in a performance at Chicago's Metro.

"Just in the last two weeks, I took really good turn for the better. Just in time," he said Tuesday during a rehearsal.

Matthew Leone was beaten by Justin Pivec last June when he tried to break up a fight between Pivec and his girlfriend, police said.

Matthew went through several brain surgeries and now has a titanium plate in his head. He never gave up, and with his brother's help, made a miraculous recovery.

"It'll be good to do one show, homecoming in Chicago. then we can gauge how hard we go after that," he said.

While he's still very weak when he performs, he is performing.  He still goes through massive rehab, but in watching him with the band one would be hard-pressed to determine which member was in less than one year ago.

"Just in my heart, I knew there was nothing that was going to stop him from coming back," said Nathan Leone

The return to the stage is just a part of the group's amazing turnaround.  Since the incident, the band lost its record label, its manager and publicity team. 

But their misfortune turned around just two weeks ago when Sony stepped in and signed them. 

Additionally, a new album was just completed Monday.  They'll be delivering records to the label in five days and releasing in the fall.

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