Local Organization Remodels Dozens of Homes For National Rebuilding Day

Organizers told NBC 5 Chicago a majority of homeowners were seniors, whose homes desperately needed repairs for safety reasons, not just aesthetic.

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Rebuilding Together Metro Chicago remodeled homes in Englewood and Blue Island on Saturday for National Rebuilding Day.

Organizers told NBC 5 Chicago that a majority of homeowners were seniors whose homes desperately needed repairs to address safety issues.

Volunteers that participated were tasked with repairing floors and loose railings, along with electrical and plumbing work.

Those are some of the things that Vera Thomas, who is in her early 70s, needed but couldn’t afford in her Englewood home.

“I have been here 18 years and God say so that I don’t have any illness. I would like to finish that out while it is getting fixed up so my family can have it,” she said.

Her children grew up in that home, including her daughter Rishaunda Thomas.

“She shouldn’t be flooded with like a lot of stress on how she could fix the house, like how am I going to do this?,” asked Rishaunda.

Rebuilding Together Metro Chicago swooped in to make a difference and fixed her home for free.

“This takes a load off of her and us because she is a young senior, we want everything to be easy for her and comfortable,” said Rishaunda.

“It is really a blessing,” said Vera.

However, the blessings did not stop at Vera’s home. Organizers said in total, 77 homes were remodeled across Chicago in one day.

“The importance for us to is to make homeowners warm, safe and dry,” said Glenn Charles, the President of Rebuilding Together Metro Chicago.

Just a few blocks from where Vera lives, 73-year-old Gwendllyn Monroe’s house was also undergoing renovations.

“It is hard to explain how grateful I am,” Monroe tearfully told NBC 5.

Her daughter Gilena, who grew up in the remodeled home, was also left in tears.

“She has had a rough few years and this will just brighten her day and make it this much better,” she said.

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