Lincoln Park Zoo Asks Public to Help Name Baby Klipspringer

The winning name will be announced May 15

Lincoln Park Zoo is asking for the public’s help in naming their latest baby klipspringer.

Born March 30, the baby klipspringer, also known as “rock jumper,” is a dwarf antelope found in central and eastern Africa.

Officials say the breed is so small they can even fit all four of their hooves on a Canadian dollar, approximately 36mm in diameter. The animal typically grows to reach an average of 24 pounds.

Zoo officials have narrowed their selection to five names, all Swahili, representing the tiny species’ African origins.

The list includes Nadra, meaning “special,” Zuri, meaning “pretty,” Amira, meaning “princess,” Asha, meaning “hope,” and Bahiya, meaning “beautiful.”

The winning name will be announced May 15.

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